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Home-Based Care. Without the Headache.

We believe the home is the center of care, and want to help you get the supplies and equipment you need to live your best life.

"I founded Tomorrow Health to fix the many problems we faced in managing my mother's care. Here, we treat every member as we would for our own family."

— Vijay, Co-Founder & CEO

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We are ACHC-accredited and contracted with Medicare Part B and commercial health insurers

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We’re committed to making this process easier — from finding you the right product to guiding your setup at home. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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Tomorrow Health works with Medicare Part B and dozens of health plans across the country.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is the story behind Tomorrow Health? 


Tomorrow Health is reimagining healthcare in the home due to the failing status quo. Today, 90% of seniors elect to age in place rather than in a nursing home. At a time when healthcare bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, the home is the lowest cost and highest value setting of care. While the U.S. has achieved significant progress in healthcare, the transition to home-based care is still extremely challenging. 

Our Co-Founder, Vijay Kedar, has personal experience combating these challenges as a result of coordinating his mother’s care. His mother battled Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) — a life-threatening lung condition she had developed while already in an immunocompromised state from her cancer treatment. She spent four months in an ICU room until her lungs thankfully recovered, and she was discharged from the hospital to return home.

While relieved to have his mother safely at home, Vijay and his family were unprepared for the challenges that lay ahead as she made the transition to home-based care. This transition is something that millions of Americans face daily.

“All in, we worked with nearly a dozen local healthcare providers to find the resources she required. There was no guidance — in identifying the equipment best suited for her clinical needs, educating us on proper care, or navigating her insurance benefits. After weeks of delays, thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs, and countless hours negotiating with local providers, we were appalled when faulty equipment and unreliable patient support led us right back to the hospital. We ended up in the place she had worked so hard to leave.”

Determined to alleviate similar hardships for others, Vijay along with his friend and colleague, Gabe Flateman (formerly Co-Founder and CTO of Casper) built Tomorrow Health to serve as the beacon of light for millions of Americans transitioning to home-based care.

Where are you based?


Our headquarters is in New York City, although our team is spread out across the United States while we wait out the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why should I buy from you instead of Amazon?


Simple - you get unlimited, ongoing support for any questions that arise when you receive your new rollator. You also get a better price and your insurance paperwork handled if you elect to use your Medicare coverage.

Can I please have a promo code?


Since you asked so nicely, sure! While we offer very competitive rates, we want as many Americans to benefit from our service as possible. You can use promo code HOME for 7% off your rollator order. We hope you'll let us serve you many more times in the coming months and years.

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